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 Frobbing Fluid

Required for Snazzooiflibit and Zircron Incruster. This fluid, formulated by EssentialWidget, provides lubrication and cleaning for frobbing engines.

 $145.00 per one ounce bottle.

 Tensile Duster

This spray keeps tensile surfaces dust free and clean. Not required but should be applied once every 10 years to keep the widget looking right.

 $155.00 per one ounce spray bottle.

Enough for 10 applications

  Sphering Medium

For use in the Luft Zip, it provides the raw materials for the widget to synthesize spheres. Non-toxic.

 $75.00 per gallon

Enough for about 10 hours of operation at low speed.

 EssentialWidget Pin

Mark positions on your map, hold papers on the bulletin board, with an official EssentialWidget stick pin. Made of polished titanium and red obsidian. Caution: extreamly sharp!

$120.00 each